How to Quickly Check Battery Levels on Your iPhone, Apple Watch and AirPods

Apple’s Batteries widget is a little known, very useful tool to check which of your small Apple devices is lowest on power.

This can be particularly helpful if you are traveling and only have one charging cable.

To access this tool:

  • Switch to Today view on the iPhone.

  • Find it by swiping right on the Home screen or Lock screen.

If the Batteries widget isn’t already there:

  • Scroll to the bottom

  • Tap Edit

  • Tap the green + button to the left of Batteries in the list.

If you just want to check the battery status on one device, that’s possible too. It’s easy to figure out how much power is left in your iPhone’s battery because of the indicator at the top right of the screen.

  • Swipe down on it to invoke Control Center and see the percentage on the iPhone X and later.

  • On the Apple Watch, swipe up on the screen to see its battery percentage in Control Center.

  • For AirPods, open the case and wait for the pop-up to appear on your iPhone’s screen.

battery 2.png


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