How to Solve a Slow Internet Connection

As pandemic-related restrictions ebb and flow, many people continue to work from home at least some of the time. A slow Internet connection can make working from home miserable. Unfortunately, it’s all too common for Internet connections to degrade over time as cables endure a variety of insults ranging from water seeping into connectors to… Continue reading How to Solve a Slow Internet Connection

How to Use AirDrop to Share Files, Photos and other Data between Apple Devices

It’s common to want to share files, photos and other data between your devices—or with friends and family. When the person or device isn’t nearby, it’s easiest to use Messages or Mail. But if you want to move a file between two of your Macs, from your iPhone to your Mac or to your friend who’s across… Continue reading How to Use AirDrop to Share Files, Photos and other Data between Apple Devices

Ransomware Is On the Rise: Learn How to Protect Your Macs

In cybercriminal circles, ransomware is all the rage. It bears repeating: if you have not thought about protecting your systems, it’s critical that you take steps to protect your data before it is too late. Once ransomware infects a computer, it encrypts all the files and then presents a ransom demand. You’d need to pay… Continue reading Ransomware Is On the Rise: Learn How to Protect Your Macs

How to Choose Safe External Storage

It’s tempting to think that most external storage devices—whether simple hard drives or more complicated network-attached storage (NAS) units—are relatively similar because they all do roughly the same thing. However, a recent problem with older Western Digital My Book Live NAS devices highlighted that there can be large differences. In that case, hackers figured out… Continue reading How to Choose Safe External Storage

Prevent Ransomware Attacks on Your Business – arobasegroup Can Protect Your Network


If you are a business owner, the Colonial Pipeline situation is a big wake-up call, even if you consider your business small and an unlikely target of hackers. Unfortunately, ransomware attacks on small businesses are extremely common in 2021. You may be shocked to learn that one business is compromised every three hours on average. arobasegroup can help.

5 New Year’s Resolutions That Will Improve Your Digital Security


Have a safer 2021 with New Year’s resolutions that will help you secure your devices, avoid email and text scams, stay safe from malware and benefit from the security and ease-of-use of password managers.

arobasegroup Plans and Executes Your Office’s IT Needs


You found the perfect location, signed the lease and ordered the sign announcing your business. But, are you picturing exactly where all of your technology tools will be located? Have you selected a vendor for a copier? Have you considered the power requirements or whether scanned documents will be stored locally or in the cloud?