How to Avoid Missing Important Calls and Texts – Even in ‘Do Not Disturb’ Mode

You know it’s bound to happen: you miss an important call or text because your iPhone was in Do Not Disturb mode or because the Mute switch was engaged. If there are certain people—a spouse, parent or child—whose calls and texts you always want to break through the cone of silence, iOS has a solution: Emergency Bypass.

When enabled for a particular contact’s ringtone or text tone, Emergency Bypass ensures your phone’s sound and vibration will engage regardless of whether you turned on Do Not Disturb or switched your phone to Mute.

To set up Emergency Bypass, edit the person’s contact card in the Phone or Contacts app, tap Ringtone and turn on Emergency Bypass. You can activate Emergency Bypass separately for calls in the Ringtone settings and for texts in the Text Tone settings.

If this sounds a little too precarious, remember, you can always set someone’s tone to None and enable a vibration instead of a sound to ensure Emergency Bypass doesn’t allow a call to disturb an important business meeting, movie, play or concert.


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