Apple’s Child Protection Features: Frequently Asked Questions

Apple’s Child Protection Features Apple’s child protection features for iOS and iPadOS have been in the news lately. We’ve seen a lot of misinformation spreading on social media about how Apple is scanning photos, privacy related to user’s photos and about how Apple treats photos stored in iCloud. In this article, we explain what changes… Continue reading Apple’s Child Protection Features: Frequently Asked Questions

Ransomware Is On the Rise: Learn How to Protect Your Macs

In cybercriminal circles, ransomware is all the rage. It bears repeating: if you have not thought about protecting your systems, it’s critical that you take steps to protect your data before it is too late. Once ransomware infects a computer, it encrypts all the files and then presents a ransom demand. You’d need to pay… Continue reading Ransomware Is On the Rise: Learn How to Protect Your Macs

5 New Year’s Resolutions That Will Improve Your Digital Security


Have a safer 2021 with New Year’s resolutions that will help you secure your devices, avoid email and text scams, stay safe from malware and benefit from the security and ease-of-use of password managers.

arobasegroup Plans and Executes Your Office’s IT Needs


You found the perfect location, signed the lease and ordered the sign announcing your business. But, are you picturing exactly where all of your technology tools will be located? Have you selected a vendor for a copier? Have you considered the power requirements or whether scanned documents will be stored locally or in the cloud?

Macs Switching from Intel Chips to Apple Silicon—Answers to Your Questions


In case you missed the news: at Apple’s Worldwide Developer Conference keynote, the company dropped a bombshell. In the future, Macs will no longer be powered by Intel chips but will instead rely on custom-designed Apple chips. What does it mean for customers?