How to Charge Your iPhone and iPad Faster

By default, most iPhones and iPads ship with Apple’s tiny 5-watt power adapters. They work, but not quickly.

However, the iPhone 8 and later, all models of the iPad Pro and the most recent iPad Air and iPad mini models support fast charging when connected to higher wattage power adapters.

If you don’t have a higher wattage adapter, it may be worth purchasing one. Apple has bundled with iOS devices or sold 10-watt, 12-watt ($19) and 18-watt ($29, USB-C) power adapters.

They also offer 29-watt, 30-watt ($49), 61-watt ($69) and 87-watt ($79) USB-C power adapters for Mac laptops. Plug your compatible iPhone or iPad into one of these chargers with an appropriate cable (for a USB-C charger, you’ll need a USB-C to Lightning Cable, $19), and it will charge significantly more quickly.

Look for a wattage rating on the adapter itself, or multiply the output volts and amps together to get watts.

Happy fast(er) charging!


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