Need a Scanner? You have one on your iphone and ipad


There’s nothing worse than being in a stressful situation that you did not prepare for and not having the tools you need to get things done at your fingertips. Does that sound familiar?

For those working from home, or those who may have children completing classwork from home, one tool you may not realize is at your fingertips is a scanner!

Using your iPhone or iPad, you can open the “Notes” app to easily scan work:

  • Open a new Note.

  • Press the Camera button, and the option to scan a document will come up.

  • Take a photo of the document.

  • Adjust the borders of the image to include only what you want to include in the scanned document.

  • Select “keep scan” and save it.

  • You can easily email it or save it in your Notes.

Once the document is scanned you can email it with less bandwidth than a photo.

That’s one less thing to worry about today!

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