Integrate Your Cloud Storage Service into the Finder

Many businesses, schools and other organizations have adopted cloud storage services like Box, Dropbox, Google Drive and Microsoft OneDrive for excellent reasons. Cloud storage provides a centralized spot for shared data without the up-front cost or maintenance issues of a network-attached storage device. It also allows individuals to access the same files on multiple devices and significantly enhances collaboration by allowing multiple… Continue reading Integrate Your Cloud Storage Service into the Finder

Is Your Wi-Fi Network a Security Risk?

We all send sensitive data online, including passwords, financial information and personal details, all of which could be used for identity or outright theft. For those who work at home, this data may also include important corporate credentials and information. In addition, if your Wi-Fi network is open for everyone and has a bandwidth cap, you could… Continue reading Is Your Wi-Fi Network a Security Risk?

How to Use Safety Check

You definitely do not want to accidentally share information from your iPhone with an unauthorized person. Apple to the rescue with Safety Check! You should repeat this security check every so often to make sure your information is secure. Why Use Safety Check? Safety Check lets you easily see critical information you may be sharing,… Continue reading How to Use Safety Check

Prevent Ransomware Attacks on Your Business – arobasegroup Can Protect Your Network


If you are a business owner, the Colonial Pipeline situation is a big wake-up call, even if you consider your business small and an unlikely target of hackers. Unfortunately, ransomware attacks on small businesses are extremely common in 2021. You may be shocked to learn that one business is compromised every three hours on average. arobasegroup can help.

5 New Year’s Resolutions That Will Improve Your Digital Security


Have a safer 2021 with New Year’s resolutions that will help you secure your devices, avoid email and text scams, stay safe from malware and benefit from the security and ease-of-use of password managers.

Don’t Let Someone Steal Your Online Accounts


It’s shockingly easy for someone to take over your cell phone number. Once they’ve done that, they can reset passwords on many of your online accounts. Read on to learn how to protect your cell number with a PIN or passcode.