How to Prevent Identity Theft

Don’t Get Tangled in a Web of Identity Theft

Guard Your Assets – Let arobasegroup Monitor the Dark Web to Protect You

Security breaches have become so common; it is barely newsworthy when hackers steal credentials and crucial financial data. Unfortunately, for those affected, the consequences are anything but trivial. Digital credentials stolen online are among the most valuable assets found on the Dark Web.

What is the Dark Web?

The Dark Web is an encrypted network of digital communities inaccessible via typical search engines. Far too often, companies or individuals who have had their credentials compromised and sold on the Dark Web don’t know it until they have been informed by law enforcement — but by then, it’s too late.

Identity Theft: Not Trivial

Identity theft affects both individuals and businesses. Our Chief Knowledge Officer was one of the nearly 150 million people whose Personal Identifiable Information (PII) was stolen when Equifax was breached in 2017. Because of this breach, she has had to lock her credit and constantly monitor her financial accounts. Since it is more likely that an identity thief will try to open a credit card or take out a loan in her name, she must maintain a burdensome level of vigilance regarding her credit and finances. This is not a trivial thing.

Protect Yourself – arobasegroup Can Help

There is no silver bullet solution that protects against all possible attacks. However, you can take steps to mitigate the damage. Statistically, identity thieves are most likely to leverage passwords compromised on the Dark Web or to take advantage of human error resulting from insufficient cybersecurity training.

arobasegroup can help prevent you and your business from falling victim to identity theft and reduce the chance that someone will pretend to be you when logging into your social networks or email and bank accounts.

  • We offer Dark Web Monitoring to identify exposed credentials and alert our customers before hackers can do irreparable damage. By scanning the Dark Web for compromised credentials and stolen PII, we can constantly monitor whether your online credentials have been compromised and alert you to the danger. You can then change your passwords and implement 2 Factor Authentication (2FA) where applicable.

  • We also provide a Security Awareness Training platform to train you and your employees to recognize and avoid phishing attacks and other malicious activities targeting human vulnerability.

Get in touch with us today to request your FREE Dark Web Scan and to learn more about how you can spend less time worrying about cybersecurity and more time enjoying the fruits of your labor!


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