How to Set a VIP Alert for Email

Few people get so little email that they want an iPhone notification for every message that rolls in. (Could you imagine? Ugh!)

But many of us have just a couple of people—our personal VIPs—whose messages are important enough to warrant an alert.

If that’s true for you, and you want to know right away when your boss, spouse or child sends you a message, set up VIP Alerts.

  • In Mail in iOS, in your Mailboxes list, tap the i button next to the VIP mailbox.

  • If necessary, use the Add VIP link to pick your VIPs from your contacts.

  • Tap VIP Alerts to jump to:
    Settings > Notifications > Mail > VIP.

  • Once there, choose a banner style, alert sound and other notification-related settings that appeal to you.

VIP list created!