Fun Holiday Activity: Use Slo-Mo on Your iPhone or iPad

If you find yourself at a family gathering with bored children – or – let’s face it – bored adults –  over the holidays, allow us to recommend an activity that can keep everyone engaged.

Figure out something to do that involves motion. For example, knocking down a tower of blocks, rolling a ball or toy car down the stairs or even making silly faces — and record them using the Slo-Mo option in the Camera app.

Swipe left (iPhone) or down (iPad) on the viewfinder or labels to move from Photo mode to Slo-Mo mode, and then tap the red record button to start filming.

No doubt your bored friends or family members will love becoming filmmakers and enjoy brainstorming new activities to film in slow motion. Consider getting your pets involved and, before you know it, you’ll have footage you’ll always remember!

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