SAT Simulator App

Practice questions will only get a person so far. Without time constraints, testers don’t experience what it’s like to think under pressure.

This is why our SAT™ Simulator mimics the real testing experience of taking the SAT™.

Our SAT™ Simulator has 9 sections that test your math and language skills. To simulate the experience, the test times each section, and has a time-limit of 3 hours.  Once you begin the test, you cannot pause it.

All 9 sections must be completed within the 3-hour time limit. You can take the test as many times as you want, but because the questions are randomized, your experience will change each time.

Developed by an internationally-renowned expert in teaching students to master the SAT™ and ACT™, our questions evaluate your understanding of the key SAT™ concepts.

Similar to how the SAT ™ is scored, we employ a distribution curve based on last year’s SAT™ scoring curve to determine your score. However, because our test does not include a written essay, it will not include the 12-point essay score.  You will see the standard score out of 2400.

Best of all, once you have completed your test, our SAT™ Simulator provides you with explanations for any incorrect answers or skipped questions.

With our SAT™ Simulator, you benefit from the simulated experience of taking the SAT multiple times and learning the concepts included within—all from the comfort of your own home.


• 9 sections of math and language testing.

• Sections 1-3 (math) include 54 questions

• Sections 4-6 (reading) include 67 questions

• Sections 7-9 (writing) include 50 questions


SAT is a registered trademark of The College Board. The College Board does NOT sponsor or endorse this product in any way.